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What exercise is safe in pregnancy for both you and your baby?

Updated: Apr 9

You can exercise during pregnancy for as long as you feel comfortable, and there is evidence that suggests that it may even help you to cope better in labour. The NHS recommends exercising in water during pregnancy, as being in the pool supports the weight of your growing bump and the buoyancy of the water takes the strain off your muscles and joints.

I highly recommend joining an Aquanatal yoga class when pregnant ladies ask what swimming and pool exercises are safe for pregnancy. Aquanatal yoga instructors, like myself, have trained specifically in aqua yoga for the prenatal and postnatal period. Unlike in aqua aerobics, stretches and movement sequences in Aquantal yoga are carefully considered to support your changing pregnant body, including the opening of the hips and the releasing of the pelvic floor muscles, preparing your body for birth. As well as being safe for both mother and baby, Aquantal yoga has many benefits. Aquanatal Yoga combines the benefits that both swimming and yoga bring and is an ideal form of exercise for all levels of fitness.

Why join an Aquanatal yoga class during pregnancy?


  • By keeping the body moving and stretching during your pregnancy you’ll be able to keep a lot of the aches and pains at bay.

  • The feeling of weightlessness will be very welcomed as your bump gets heavier. It’s also a great relief for those suppering with PGP or SPD.

  • Your range of movement is increased through the buoyancy of water meaning there are exercises you’ll be able to do that aren’t possible on land.

  • It’s a wonderful way to bond with baby as you’re floating in a similar aquatic environment that they are growing in.

  • You’ll also learn breathing techniques to assist you during labour.

  • It's also a lovely way to meet other pregnant ladies in your area. My ladies at my class in Rayleigh are always sharing tips with each other at the start of each lesson, as we catch up on how all of our weeks have been.

I am the Aquanatal instructor at My Yogi Tribe, and you can find us at Sweyne School Swimming Pool, Rayleigh, every Thursday 8-9pm.

You can join us from your first scan, and enjoy the benefits of Aquanatal right up until birth!

  • Each week we practise breathing techniques that will support you during the birth of your baby.

  • We also discuss a different hypnobirthing and antenatal topic each week.

  • And end each session floating in relaxation.

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Classes Rayleigh Essex

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