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5 products or services I would use if I was pregnant again.....

Updated: Apr 19

I have often thought 'If I were pregnant again…..’, so I have put together these recommendations of 5 services or products that I wish I had known about when I was pregnant to share with you all. Whether you are pregnant yourself or possibly looking for gift ideas or vouchers for a loved one or a friend!

1) Pregnancy Yoga and Aquanatal Yoga with My Yogi Tribe

I have been a guest speaker at Sam and Sammi’s Pregnancy Yoga, and I just love the feel I get when I walk into these classes! It really doesn’t matter whether you are going with a friend or on your own as everyone is made to feel so welcome! Not only will the yoga ease some of the aches and discomfort that comes with growing a baby, but the birth preparation is also so valuable to a positive birthing experience. I first came across my Yogi Tribe when Jemima was a baby at their mother and baby yoga classes and we loved them… I’ve since been on many of their retreats and enjoy some me-time at a weekly women’s yoga class… I was so in awe of everything Sam and Sammi have created that I actually joined their team this year and have trained to teach their aquanatal yoga this one is a bias recommendation…. but when I first saw Sam’s advert for them the question did cross my mind ‘could I have another?!’…. releasing any tension and weight of being pregnant in water with some gentle yoga adaptations and relaxation is pure bliss! Gift vouchers for a trial class at just £12 would make the perfect gift!

I’ve had a massage with Layla and they are just heavenly. I only discovered her after having my children and I so wish I had known about her when I was pregnant. Layla offers a variety of soothing Swedish massage treatments for pregnant people including bump treatments, at home or at the Rayleigh Studio in Berry’s Arcade, at Rayleigh High street. If you want to have a 5* spa massage experience, without the hefty price tag, I’d highly recommend Layla, but I should warn you- once you’ve had one you will be back for more! My husband and I actually have one each booked for tonight and I cannot wait….

3) Placenta Encapsulation with Placenta Essex UK

This is something I wish I had known more about when I was pregnant, especially with the knowledge I have gained in recent years about just how amazing the placenta is and the benefits that consuming it has! Also I think it’s only after experiencing the postnatal period that I can really appreciate the value in the benefits that it provides. I have heard amazing things from people who have used Placenta Essex UK, so whilst I haven’t used them myself it is something I would definitely consider if there was a next time. Placenta Essex are based in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex but cover the whole of the UK, and don’t be put off if you’re worried that it may be a bit ‘out there’, it's really likely that your midwife would have supported someone who has used Placenta Essex before. If this is something you are considering I would get in touch with Sheryl and Nikki sooner, rather than later, as this is becoming more popular and the ladies, working to a high level of hygiene, only have one placenta in their dedicated placenta preparation facility at a time.

4) Baby Massage with Gentle Touch Massage

I used baby massage with Austin when he was little and it helped massively with his colic, reflux, and suspected CMPA (Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy). It was such a relief being able to do something to help him to be more comfortable and to settle him. I really wish I had of known Hilfra when Austin was a newborn, and that we we had done her course. Along with the benefits of the baby massage that Hilfra has been teaching for 16 years, she has so much experience with everything that comes with newborns and babies, along with empathy and understanding for the mother in that postnatal period as well. Hilfra offers 1-1 visits and group courses from 2 weeks to 6 months. Her classes are relaxed and are baby-led so you are free to nurture your baby’s needs without judgement and pressure, or feeling that you are missing the class. It is a skill to learn and take away, and a beautiful way of being with your baby at home, at a time when they are most receptive.

5) Aromatherapy with Take Five Aromatherapy

Creating an anchor to a scent can be a really powerful relaxation tool, and we explore this on my antenatal and hypnobirthing courses. Using aromatherapy also has additional benefits during pregnancy and Kirsty at Take Five Aromatherapy has taken care of this for you with her award winning products and certified pregnancy safe blends. Kirsty has created a variety of different blends for different stages of pregnancy, covering a range of different benefits, and all smelling absolutely divine! My favourite blend is Calming Power with Frankincense and Flowers (the pillow mist in this blend is included in the relaxation kit that you receive from me when you complete one of my courses!).

I regularly use a range of Kirsty’s products now and would have loved to have used them during my pregnancy and hypnobirthing journey. They make the perfect gift, whether you are trying to conceive, already on your pregnancy journey, or as a mother…. we all need to take time out for ourselves sometime.

If you would like to find out more about other relaxation and coping techniques that you can use during birth take a look at my course below.

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Classes in Rayleigh Essex

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