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an introduction to hypnobirthing video


About Me

I was absolutely petrified of giving birth! All I knew about birth- I didn't like. I hated the idea of being out of control, the hospital/ emergency environment make me feel anxious, and I used to wonder why something so essential to life looked so painful.... 

As part of our antenatal classes at Southend Hospital we had a tour around their Mid-wife led unit, and I was dreading what I would see and hear; so much so that we almost skipped that particular class..... but I am so glad that we didn't.  I saw a lady walking into the unit with her husband, she stopped and held onto the hand rail as she was having a contraction.... and then continued walking again. It was so different to how I imagined labour to look like. That was when I realised that I needed to learn more about birth, so looked at the different options available in our local area of Rayleigh, and booked on to Hypnobirthing classes, and it was by far the best thing that we did during pregnancy, for me both, my husband, our baby, and me.

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