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Included in this kit is-

- A malachite crystal bracelet

- A Take Five Aromatherapy pillow/ room mist spray

- 20 positive birth affirmation cards


You will also receive a voucher for £25 off my one-day Empowering Birth course. 


There is so much going on when you are pregnant, with your every-changing and growing body and baby, but also within your mind, so it can be really benefical to take some time to enjoy moment of stillness, calm and tranquility.


Included in this kit is a Calming Power aromatherpy pillow/ room spray that aids in relaxation, blending rose geranium with lavendar and frankincense. 

Regularly using a scent when taking time to relax during pregnancy can be a really powerful calming tool during birth, this is called a scent anchor. Also included in your kit is an audio where I explain how to create a scent anchor, and why it can be such a powerful tool in birth. 


Positive birth affirmations used during moments of relaxation, can also be a powerful tool during birthm, and included is an audio where I explain how to use these effectively. 


Malachite (also known as the midwives stone) is a beautiful crystal with green swirls and is included in your kit as a bracelet, for you to wear throughout pregnancy. 



Pregnancy Relaxation Kit

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